Are You Googleable?

Local Service Businesses: Are You Googleable?

Dennis Yu and Roger Wakefield started AYG with a mission - to diagnose the reasons why your phone isn't ringing as much as it should be. After auditing thousands of local service businesses, the reason is almost always the same: no one can find your business online.

With AYG, our goal is to be the mechanics that pop open the trunk of your business to see what's stopping it from growing online. We do this with live video audits explaining your business's SEO, organic keyword rankings, local area rankings, and your GMB results (Google Business Profile).

We believe that local service business should have access to their own data to make informed decisions about their marketing.

You can think of your AYG audit as a doctor checkup - diagnosing and explaining why things are wrong before recommending solutions.

For too long agencies have preyed on local service businesses - using confusing terminology to keep them in the dark, all while charging thousands of dollars per month. Wouldn't it be nice to shine a light and see if their work is driving any results?

Click the button below to get your Are-You-Googleable report for $200.

In it, we'll explore:

  • Your organic keywords rankings on Google (and how to rank on more search terms).
  • Your backlink profile for growing your SEO (and how to get more authoritative links).
  • Your local business power using our map tool. (see what areas your business is ranking in).
  • Your GMB results (to get more calls organically).
  • Your website content (and how to add or remove content to boost your site's authority).

This service is only available for local service business that fit into Google LSA categories.

If that's you, click the button below and fill out the short form to receive your AYG video audit today!

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See 'Are-You-Googleable' Video Audits Examples For Different Categories

Law Attorneys: DWI Criminal Law Center in Kansas City, MO
Insulation: TLS Insulation in Sarasota, FL
Painting: Smart Coat Painting and Construction in Pompano Beach, FL
Remodeling: One Day Bathroom in Washington Township, NJ
Gutter Installation: Caliber Gutters in San Diego, CA
Plumbing: Travis and Sons in Pheonix, AZ
Garage Door Installer: Garage Door Doctor in Indianapolis, IN
Concrete Coating: Excel Concrete Coatings in Waukesha, WI
Washing and Cleaning: Mr. Clean Power Washing in Baltimore, MA

Is this for you?

You've probably been pitched a million times by agencies.
Everywhere you look there's another SEO agency, Facebook Ads guy, and info-marketer selling you on their "perfect fix".
If they're so perfect, where are their results?
We've helped HUNDREDS of home service businesses like yours fix their SEO (usually from the very same "SEO" agencies that promise results)
Access their information (so they actually know the metrics they need)
And launch their paid ads following Dennis Yu's "Dollar-a-Day" Strategy.
Simply put - we're on a crusade against predatory agencies to make home service businesses like yours more money.
And it all starts with you scheduling your audit today.