Are You Googleable?

Are You Googleable is not just a course or a package; it's an interconnected system designed to supercharge your digital presence. This comprehensive coaching program is led by Dennis Yu and Roger Wakefield.

It is more than a coaching program; it's a game-changer in the digital marketing landscape. Our innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology with personalized service, setting a new standard for home service businesses. Join us in changing the game and establishing your business as a leader in the online realm.

We bring a fresh perspective to digital marketing for home service businesses. Our innovative approach combines advanced AI tools with human expertise to enhance online visibility, ensuring that your business becomes truly "Googleable." Discover a unique blend of technology and personalized service designed to maximize your online potential at a competitive price.

The "Are You Googleable" Done-for-You Package is a holistic strategy to enhance your online visibility and dominate Google search results. This transformative program includes both a one-time build/repair fee of $5,000 and an ongoing monthly retainer of $2,000.

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Is this for you?

You've probably been pitched a million times by agencies.
Everywhere you look there's another SEO agency, Facebook Ads guy, and info-marketer selling you on their "perfect fix".
If they're so perfect, where are their results?
We've helped HUNDREDS of home service businesses like yours fix their SEO (usually from the very same "SEO" agencies that promise results)
Access their information (so they actually know the metrics they need)
And launch their paid ads following Dennis Yu's "Dollar-a-Day" Strategy.
Simply put - we're on a crusade against predatory agencies to make home service businesses like yours more money.
And it all starts with you scheduling your audit today.

Get started with the report and you will get the $5000 offer to your email- $3000 one time payment and $2000 monthly retainer package.